SPRING BREAK is right around the corner for all of us which is why I created a video of 5 a fun & easy ab workouts that will get you ready! Out of all the workouts I do throughout the week, I really love focusing on my core and abs. I think we all have at least 5 to 10 minutes to just get on the ground and geaux with it. When I picked out these 5 workouts,  I really wanted to focus on an overall effect that would work your obliques (aka the mom muffin top area – thank goodness for mom jeans), your upper and lower abs, and your total core. I love focusing on my core because it helps protect my back, improves my posture and makes me feel good all around.  Below, I created a fun demo with our Sweet Baton Rouge Insider, Kristina to use as a tool on how to do the full workout. Give it a try and #dontstopjustgeaux!



  • Crunches: Are you looking to build stronger abs and core? I think doing crunches are a fundamental and old fashion exercise that is there to help strengthen your abdominals. You want to make sure you do this exercise correctly.   1. Lie flat on your mat with knees bent and feet on the mat. Hands behind your head with your elbows straight out not bent in. You want your neck to relax back into your hands so you don’t hurt your neck. 2. Using your abs and bring your head and shoulders off the mat and come up with a crunch, then lower with control


  • Scissor Crunches: With this exercise, you will work your entire core. Scissor crunches is not only a core strength move, but it is also a great stretch and work out for your hip abductors and your lower back. 1. Start lying on the mat with arms over your head and legs long. I want to make a note, the length of your legs and position is what feels best for you and your lower back. You will want to keep your lower back flat on the ground. 2. Sweep arms out to sides and bring head, neck, and shoulders off the mat reaching arms long and lift one leg up and in towards the chest, giving yourself a criss-cross motion and then repeat on the other side.


  • Plank Runners: This work out can be as intense as you’d like it to be. It’s a full body killer exercise that gets your heart rate up fast while also firing nearly every muscle group in the body. You can walk or run this exercise. 1. You will want to start in a plank position with arms and legs long. You will want to check your form, so a few ways to do that. Make sure your body is straight, head is naturally looking down but not back towards your feet. You will want to round your shoulders and pull your belling in tight and squeeze your glutes.  2. Walk or run by pulling your knees into the chest.


  • Hip Dips: I like this work out a lot too because it’s still working your core but works that mom muffin top area that I talked about early. You will really feel this exercise when you’re done. 1. Begin by holding in a half plank position with your forearms flat on the mat, making sure that your elbows are aligned directly under your shoulders, your core is engaged and your body is aligned from head to toes. 2. Lower your hip toward the floor until it almost touches and then immediately raise back to center and repeat on the other side.


  • Toe Crunch: This workout is a great way to focus on the stretch of the ab workout. This is an exercise that focuses on strengthening your abs, especially the rectus abdominus muscle. The rectus abdominus is the flat muscles that extend vertically along the entire length of the abdomen. 1. Start flat on your back with legs long reaching towards the ceiling with your foot flexed. 2. Lift up your head, neck, and shoulders and try to touch your toes. 3. Return to the tips of the shoulders and repeat.

Reps: It’s really up to your schedule of time and what you’d want to get out of the workout but I suggest doing all 2-3 times for a totally of 20 reps for all but the plank runners and I suggest those at 30-second increments.

My goal is to bring you workouts that you can use right at home that you can do at your own pace and time. I love incorporating a work out throughout my busy schedule, especially on days where my day is full of meetings, after-school tutoring, and soccer practice and I haven’t stopped since I left the house at 7 am! I can fit in workouts like right on my floor while Brody is busy doing homework. So with the countdown of spring break in 2-3 short weeks away, I better get started!