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Local Pop Up 2019 Information Sheet

Join us for the second annual Sweet Baton Rouge® Local Pop Up Shop this November 11-23rd.  The Local Pop Up Shop will be an exclusive shopping experience for Louisiana locals and visitors alike centrally located in Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge….

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Meet Katie

My name is Katie Ann. I am a junior at LSU in engineering. I love being creative and innovative. I love fashion, coffee, and my Baton Rouge life!  How long have you lived in Baton Rouge? I moved to Baton Rouge…

Meet The Insider

Meet Kenda

Hey yʼall! Iʼm Kenda. Iʼm a country girl-sweet, southern with a dash of sass. Iʼm a bit introverted but definitely a social butterfly. IKR, how can I be both? Itʼs crazy. My dreams and aspirations were to become a nurse…

Meet The Insider

Meet Hailey

Hi there! My name is Hailey Lea, I am a nutritionist and group fitness instructor. I have a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals and improve overall quality of life. I love sharing knowledge for making…