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Local Louisiana Black-Owned Businesses

As your Sweet Baton Rouge Insiders, we aim to promote our love for our diverse community, local businesses, and events happening in Baton Rouge. In recent weeks, there have been protests and marches taking place all over the country in…

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How you can support local

Being homebound has a different meaning for different people. For some, this time might be spent watching movies or playing board games. For others, adjusting to a home office or homeschooling is taken day by day. For local artists, the…

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Support Local Louisiana Boutiques

We are giving you an inside look at some of the Sweet Baton Rouge stockists that carry us year-round and how you can support local Louisiana Boutique stores more by shopping with these boutiques through Instagram, or visit their website…

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Crawfish Baton Rouge To Go

Hey Baton Rouge, here’s an updated list of ways to call and order crawfish to go in or around the capital city! Using this list is a great way to help Keep Baton Rouge Serving. Crawfish are part of our…