Is anyone going crazy indoors, yet? Guess what! We can still go outdoors! 


I am personally thankful for that and I’m sure many more feel the same because now we don’t have to keep cleaning the same surfaces, 12 times a day! 


Do you need some ideas of what to do outdoors that still involve social distancing? I got you! There are many parks around Baton Rouge that I’m excited to share with you, if you aren’t familiar! 


Try out Perkins Road Community Park!

There are a few different activities you can do at the park but during this time, I would recommend the walking/biking trail! 


Take your dogs and/or kids to Highland Road Community Park!

There’s a beautiful, big, open field where you can play fetch with your furry friend or catch with your little ones! 


Break out the old tennis racquet at City-Brooks Community Park!

You can even play at night because the courts are lit. Teach your kids how to swing a racquet or for some, revisit a once-loved sport! 

Feed the ducks while you’re there, by the water. What a fun and relaxing pastime!


Burbank Soccer Complex

If you don’t like soccer or don’t have a soccer ball, that’s ok! Instead, take your dog to the dog park! You can stay 6 feet away from others while your fur babies can mingle with other pups! Why? Because dogs are safe from COVID-19! 


These parks may be the perfect idea for you and your family, but if you’d rather stay more remote, you could carry on the trend of putting teddy bears in your window and encourage neighbors to do the same! This creates a fun and interactive walk around the neighborhood with your child(ren) or even yourself! Spot the teddy bears; see how many you can find!

You could possibly take it to the next level and move your teddy bear or change its look every day to make it more entertaining like, “Elf on a Shelf!” 

Regardless of what you do to entertain yourself, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay 6 feet away from others and go enjoy the sunshine!!