Don't Stop Just Geaux Hottest Workouts in Baton Rouge

Y’all, I wanted to formally introduce myself, my name is Meredith the owner of SFT,  Sweet Baton Rouge, Lagniappe Box, and enthusiast behind  “Don’t Stop Just Geaux.” This saying is what initially got me through some tough times in 2017 after coming off an ankle surgery, recovering through physical therapy and so on! I’m a 39 year old fitness fanatic. I love staying active and finding unique ways to work out throughout my day. I’ve teamed up with two of our Sweet Baton Rouge Insiders; Erinn Sala & Kerrie Kikendall to help me spotlight some of the hottest places to work out in Baton Rouge. We are really excited to share with you our thoughts on the workouts, where you can find them, what type of classes they offer, importance on self care and benefits of the work outs and so on!

In the earlier days of owning SFT, I was also an instructor for Yoglates II South and that is where fitness really became a way of life for me. I was that girl growing up who was the tomboy who loved sports and running. My personal goal with our brand Doesn’t Stop Just Geaux is to be encouraging, to share our stories with you, and help you on your journey to just geaux. We are spotlighting places in town but there are so many ways to stay active in small increments each day! Example, this summer I’m really listening to my body — mostly my ankle and shooting to run 3 times a week within a 15 to 20 minute increments, by doing this I’m hoping to stay healthy, obtaining some good cardio, work on my endurance and speed all while running in the summer heat and humidity to prepare me for my hopeful half marathon training that will begin around September. (I plan on sharing my personal journey with y’all when I officially begin, it will be my fifth but FIRST since my surgery.)

Don't Stop Just Geaux at Cane Land Baton Rouge

You can also find free classes being offered in July with Barre 3 at Caneland Distillery or  Complimentary Yoga at White Star Market.  Looking for some running clubs; Happy’s Running Club meets every Tuesday downtown and you can find more on Varsity Sports — they offer a few different running groups you can access.  Till then, I’m leaving it here when Erinn shares with you her first stop!

Hey y’all, I’m Erinn! For my Don’t Stop Just Geaux series, I’m giving you a behind the scenes look into Orangetheory Fitness. It’s so nice, the Capital City added it twice!


The workout comprises both weightlifting and HIIT training to give you the perfect interval group class. Most classes you alternate between the rowing machine, floor weights and the treadmill. Depending on the day, you may be focusing more on strength or endurance, which helps shape the tone of the class! But don’t worry… the instructors always have jamming playlists to keep you moving!

Hottest Workout in Baton Rouge Orange Theory

The scientific theory behind the workout program focuses on the afterburn effect. In layman terms, this means you will continue to burn more calories even AFTER the class is over – cool, right?! That’s where your splat points come into play…

There are five heart rate zones – grey, blue, green, orange and red. In one class, the ideal goal is to aim for 12 orange splat points. This will give you that afterburn effect I mentioned earlier! So it’s always you vs. you! 

Hottest Workout in Baton Rouge by Sweet Baton Rouge

You are able to monitor this via your heart rate monitor. You can choose between an armband or a chest strap. In my opinion, the chest strap is easiest and you don’t have to worry about the band movin’ and groovin’ during your workout. 

Overall, I’m completely obsessed with this workout! From the encouraging – and outgoing – coaches to the high-tech way to book classes via an app, Orangetheory Fitness has more than exceeded my expectations both in and outside of the class. 

Hottest workout in Baton Rouge by Sweet Baton Rouge

Orange you glad we tried it out first?! I hope you enjoyed our Orangetheory Fitness review! For more information, or to sign up for your first FREE class, please visit 

PS – If you ever want to #dontstopjustgeaux with me, I’d be happy to join you! 

Don't Stop Just Geaux Hottest Workouts in Baton Rouge by Sweet Baton Rouge

Erinn Sala


Hey guys, Meredith her and I’m so excited to share with you my experience over at TreadBR with you today! First thing, I want to share a little about them and where they are located.


  • TreadBR: 4207 Perkins Rd (Near College but closer to Acadian on Perkins)


So what is TreadBR? TreadBR is comprised of three main components: fitness, personal experience, and activewear. 

TreadBR offers classes like Barre, Bike, Camotread

TreadBR activewear


The workout I went with was their Tread class, they offer a new client buy one get one free class, which I’m thrilled about. This class is a one-hour group interval class using the treadmill for your main source of cardio, strength training with hand weights and TRX exercises, all the while working on your core through intervals to give you a full total body workout.

Don't Stop Just Geaux Review of Tread BR


I’ve personally never taken a class like this but can I tell you I LOVED it. I was very scared of the treadmill to be very honest even though I’m a runner. I’ll be open with you, I didn’t push myself completely on the treadmills because I was being more cautious — only because I didn’t know what to expect. Our session started off with 6 minutes on the treadmill and you can pace yourself based on your fitness level. For me, I paced myself right around a 6 (1-12) on the settings and that felt like a nice comfortable but faster than a jogging pace.

After our first 6 minute run, we hopped off and worked legs doing squats to lunges on the TRX.  Another new thing I’ve never done before. It was a challenge at first because I was a newbie, and the small group around me had been using this equipment already. When we completed our TRX we got back on the treadmill and upped our pace. We repeated that interval working our way down to smaller intervals and going in between TRX and working hand weights all in between our treadmill runs.

Somewhere in the middle, one of the girls to my left gave me a high five which was empowering and kept me encouraged to keep going to, Don’t Stop Just Geaux. The owner Kristen, was our instructor and she was so encouraging and kept you motivated the whole time and it didn’t hurt to have a little Drake playing loudly in the background. I can’t wait to sign back up for my second class and either try the same class again now I know what to expect or try another one of their classes.

Don't Stop Just Geaux Review on Tread BR

Don't Stop Just Geaux Review at TreadBR

Meredith, Owner of SFT! Loved the workout — the perfect fitness challenge


They have a full round of classes you could try from their TreadBR to Yoga or Pilates, They have bike classes to their very own boot camp military style CamoTread. Click here to see their full list of class offerings. 

Don't Stop Just Geaux Tread BR

Example of what kind of classes they offer weekly!

They offer pop-ups monthly called “Tread to Table” and next months will be in New Orleans, Saturday, August 18th at The Pontchartrain Hotel for a morning of wellness. They will kick it off with a workout led by our owner Kristen Arsenault and Amy Chagnard, followed by a Raw Republic curated brunch! Here you can find a list of past and future events.

Oh, guys, it’s been great! I can’t wait for my next review! Shoot me a DM over on Instagram @sweetbatonrouge and let me know where to head next! — Meredith

Hey, Sweet Baton Rouge, Kerrie here with All Things Considered!! I know finding a workout routine can be tough and I want to share my “Don’t Stop Just Geaux” workout pick for this series!! 

I know there are so many options here in Baton Rouge and it can be overwhelmed right?! I hope this helps you find a new workout routine that suits your lifestyle and helps you find inspiration to become your best self!

Yoga + lattes? (No, not a new coffee drink at your local coffee shop!) It is YOGLATES!

Don't Stop Just Geaux

Kerrie with All Things Considered

Okay, so what is yogalates?
Yogalates is a combination of calisthenics, yoga, and Pilates. It consists of a series of movements derived from these different styles to give a complete cardiovascular, strength, stretching and balancing workout. The movements create the perfect combination of stretching which helps with flexibility and detoxification. When paired with a balanced diet and a healthy active lifestyle you will gain the most benefits from practicing Yogalates and burn those unwanted calories.

Yogalates II South, is locally owned and one of Baton Rouge’s best workouts. (In my option)

They are located on, 655 Highlandia Dr A, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 (my location) and their sister location is located on, 3753 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

Don't Stop Just Geaux

Kerrie with All Things Considered

Yogalates offers so many health benefits but I also wanted to share how hands on the Yogalates II South is. I recently had the opportunity to get the full member experience at their new studio. (Which is gorgeous) As a new member, you are asked to meet with their team one on one and create realistic goals. How amazing is that right? I was overwhelmed by the support they offer their members to accomplish their goals and help them maintain and surpass those goals as well! As a new member, you also receive a gift; who doesn’t like goodies right?! Besides the gifts, another feature Yogalates II South offers is their journey to 100!

This is a quarterly challenge that anyone can participate in. Each quarter the studio offers incentives when you meet your journey to 100 goals! If you complete 25 classes each quarter, you win a prize and completing 100 classes wins you the grand prize.  I love the fact that the board is on the wall when you walk in! This is a reminder each time you attend where is are at and what you have accomplished.
For me personally, I need the accountability and having it right there on the wall for everyone to see, well not only scares me but motivates me!

I hope you get motivated by my review of Yogalates II South and #dontstopjustgeaux!

Not sure if Yogalates is right for you? Take their quiz!

For more info about Yogalates II South follow them on their social media outlets: