Okay, I feel like I need to preface this post with a confession – I’m about to tell you all about where to get gussied up for a Mardi Gras ball, but I’ve never been to one. I desperately want to go to one, but I’ve just never been able to make it happen. But here the thing – while I’ve never been to a ball, I have used almost every service Avant Tous has to offer. Real talk, back when they first opened and only had the Central location, I would drive out there from Baton Rouge to use a bunch of their services. That’s because Avant Tous is different. I’d venture to say there’s really not another experience like Avant Tous in the Baton Rouge area. From the absolutely ridiculous gorgeous and relaxing interior to the supremely skilled staff, the experience at Avant is unparalleled (and worth a drive, obviously). Not to mention the owners are the sweetest, if you missed our post Wednesday introducing Ellen, go check it out!

When I sat down to write this post, I pulled up their menu just to give it a look over, and I have to admit I was a little shocked by how many of the services I’ve actually experienced. The only things I haven’t had done are a massage and lash extensions. I can’t decide if that’s impressive or embarrassing. Let’s go with the former. So I wanted to give you a quick run down of what they have to offer and what you can expect – so you can go get the full treatment before a ball (or, you know, just because).

Nail Bar

Look, I love a quick pop-in mani/pedi as much as the next girl, especially with two kids and a business to run. But sometimes you need to force yourself to slow the heck down and really enjoy the experience. A nail service at Avant Tous is so crazy relaxing, I dare you not to fall asleep on the plush couches while someone rubs your feet. Aren’t you more relaxed just thinking about it? They offer everything from acrylics to gel to to dip, and everything in between.

Tan Bar

Fun fact, I got my first spray tan when I was about 7 months pregnant with my first child. We were about to take maternity pictures and I quickly realized I was a lovely shade of pale I hadn’t ever been before. So, I can tell you first hand that their spray is safe and organic, safe enough for someone growing a baby! One of my favorite parts about getting a spray tan there was that they made me feel so comfortable, and there’s even a sign reminding you that you look great hanging right there on the wall.

Wax Bar

Okay, the only waxing I can speak to here is their brow services because I’m a ninny and too afraid to get anything else waxed. But, y’all. You need to run to Avant Tous and get a Signature Brow wax. It includes a wax, shape, and tint, and it will change your life. And I’m not exaggerating. As someone with freaking patchy eyebrows that never know what they’re doing, I have Avant Tous on speed dial to get my brows done every other month. Have I talked about this enough yet, because I’m worried I’m not doing it justice. So. Good.

Beauty Bar

Remember how I was saying I used to drive out to Central to have services done before their Baton Rouge location? Having my makeup done was high up on the list there. Their estheticians are so talented and kind, you walk out of there feeling like a brand new woman. And they can do anything, from full smokey eye to a natural, light look. I would highly recommend treating yourself to a makeup application, asap.


Okay, I think I’ve talked your head off about Avant Tous enough for one post. Be sure to check out their services because there’s about 20 that I couldn’t even get to, that are well worth your time. Oh, wait – did I forget to mention we’re doing a GIVEAWAY?! Yes. Enter below to to win a gift card to Avant Tous for a signature manicure and a glamor makeup application! Yay!

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