Sweet Baton Rouge Insider

Hi – It’s Jess! I’m a typical southern girl, thankful for my family and Louisiana roots. I’m a little bit country, a little bit dramatic, and the older I get, the more fiercely I love myself. I’ve changed so much over the years (hello, motherhood), but have learned to stayed true to who I am and what I believe. I am an incredibly extroverted chatterbox, Catholic, and a lover of lists and goals. I recharge best after a good sweat sesh and I live in baseball caps and sneakers.

I met my husband when we were wee babes at LSU – we’ve made this city our playground, though nowadays we reside in the ‘burbs. I was born for the beach, could live off cheese or bread alone, and my current Spotify playlist is a weird mix of southern hip-hop, 80’s rock and Taylor Swift. You can find me tailgating at the Greek Theatre, digging into a new book with Lit Moms Club, or chasing my two spunky, silly little boys around town.  

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge?  I officially moved to Baton Rouge at 18, when I started at LSU, but the city has always being a piece of home. I grew up in a small town across the river – we had to travel “into the city” for anything fun! It helped that my mom grew up in BR and my grandparents and other family still lived here.They knew the best things to do!

What is your Baton Rouge go-to-coffee spot and order? The blended Chai at Highland Coffees is a fave! When I can’t get there, I’ll usually grab a Chai latte with soy or a King Cake Mochassippi from CC’s.  And don’t forget the croissant! Such a great treat!

What is your Favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? It may not be considered “hidden” but Way Cool Snowballs! They have the best ice and a full selection of other snacks! Plus they have a little play area for kids. Great on a hot afternoon!

What is your favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant? It depends on the occasion! I like to try everything the city has to offer, but some restaurants are tried and true staples for me. If we’re celebrating – Ruffino’s or Little Village. Curbside for a good burger or Albasha when out and about “running errands”; and Plucker’s is a go-to when craving wings or bar food!

On a typical Saturday night, where would we find you in Baton Rouge? More often than not, at home with my family, watching LSU Baseball or Football. I have 4 siblings, with whom I’m very close, and we love the tight bond our children already have. My Dad cooks or we order takeout (usually from Sammy’s!) and we enjoy the time together. On a child-free Saturday, My husband and I like to try new restaurants in town. Or you’d find me with my girlfriends at Ichiban or Bin 77, enjoying the food, wine, and good company.