Sweet Baton Rouge Insider

My name is Katie Ann. I am a junior at LSU in engineering. I love being creative and innovative. I love fashion, coffee, and my Baton Rouge life! 

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge? 
I moved to Baton Rouge two years ago whenever I started college. I am from a small town in Louisiana named Albany. 

What is your Baton Rouge go-to-coffee spot and order? I love love love coffee. My go-to-coffee shop would have to be Light House coffee.

What is your Favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? My favorite gem of Baton Rouge is not very hidden, it is my home – Perkins Rowe! It’s great to relax, shop, or hang with friends and grab a bite to eat. Another great place to spend a Friday night is in downtown Baton Rouge – plenty of great food and fun! 

What is your favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant?
My favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge is actually Our Mom’s. It reminds me of home – well actually of Hammond (which is Albany’s next town neighbor). Our Mom’s used to be called Your Mom’s and was a hot spot throughout my high school days so I love going by and grabbing some fried green beans – they have the best fried green beans!! 

On a typical Saturday night, where would we find you in Baton Rouge?A typical Saturday night for me from August to November would be in Death Valley!! Any other month of the year you can find me trying to find new places to eat and do adventurous things – like the new Top Golf!