Sweet Baton Rouge Insider

Hey yʼall! Iʼm Kenda. Iʼm a country girl-sweet, southern with a dash of sass. Iʼm a bit introverted but definitely a social butterfly. IKR, how can I be both? Itʼs crazy. My dreams and aspirations were to become a nurse practitioner (I did it!) and God gave me more than what I asked for, he definitely fulfilled his promise to me. A husband, 3 kids, a dog and a career where I can make a difference in someoneʼs life each and every day. I reference it as “my calling” from God.

 I like to read books, eat, craft (creator of @kraftykravingz), and a host of other things. I spend most of my time coordinating chaos between my 2 toddlers. Ainʼt no hood like motherhood. Nevertheless, they have given me the best years of my life and they are most certainly my biggest blessings. Literally.

My husband and I are definitely an inseparable duo. We find joy in finding new spots to get our grub on. We love to eat! I know weʼve tried almost every spot in Baton Rouge. Our favorite this year is Willies- best crawfish in town. Yes, itʼs like a contest of who picked the best place to eat when we go out. Our motto is “are you living or just existing”. Heʼs my Best friend who gives me courage to never give up, never be complacent and keep going. Oh, heʼs my fourth kid too. Thatʼs me in a nutshell.

What is your Baton Rouge go-to-coffee spot and order? CCʼs coffee- my first stop before work every morning. I order a grande caramel latte with a banana nut muffin. I think the employees know me.

What is your Favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? If you love stationary- The Keeping Room. Omg, the store has every planner there is. And so cute!

Favorite Restaurant– Willies. The best crawfish. The best food.

On a typical Saturday night, where would we find you in Baton Rouge? Hmm, thatʼs depending on if I have a babysitter or not. All of that to say, somewhere eating whether itʼs family night or date night (Snoʼs is a favorite as well). During football season you can find me tailgating and eating rotel dip