Well hey there — I’m Meredith, owner of Sweet Baton Rouge® the Louisiana T-shirt company, the parent company behind Sweet Baton Rouge® Insider and Lagniappe Box. I wanted to share a little history/bio on me. I first moved from the small north Louisiana town of Athens to Baton Rouge in 1999. I founded Sweet Baton Rouge in 2011, I wanted a t-shirt that showed my local pride in a way that I could wear it and talk about it.

Growing up in a small town, living in “the big city” was amazing. I loved everything about Baton Rouge — because of so much local culture to love! The true meaning and lifestyle behind “Sweet Baton Rouge” is still evolving daily, and that’s why we created Sweet Baton Rouge Insider – to share our love for our great city. Sweet Baton Rouge Insider will be an all-encompassing blog, covering everything you need to know about what’s happening in Baton Rouge, with insider pieces from locals. We will also have other blogs dedicated to fun seasonal happening events throughout Baton Rouge, such as where to eat, what to do, where to go, and my personal favorite, my blog dedicated to fitness with my 2018 Manta, “Don’t Stop Just Geaux!”.

What to expect, you will find this blogspot as a revolving door of all local influencers throughout Baton Rouge sharing their personal love with you about Sweet Baton Rouge.

Married? Have children? — I’m married with three children (24, 22, and 9) and two granddaughters (2, 1) and one granddaughter on the way! You can check out my bio to learn more. Meet Meredith

What is your Baton Rouge go-to coffee spot? – Brew Ha Ha, White Chocolate Mocha

What is your favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? – LSU Arboretum — This is the spot for the team at SFT to host our photoshoots.

What’s your favorite Baton Rouge king cake? I love Alexander’s — I’m a simple girl who really just loves cream cheese king cakes and sometimes, strawberry cream cheese.

What is your favorite Baton Rouge restaurant? Ruffino’s if we are wanting a nice date night and Superior Grill for Mexican food.

What’s your favorite thing about Mardi Gras Parade? Spanish Town is pretty cool!

On a typical Saturday Night where would we find you in Baton Rouge? If I can sneak away from the family, I love doing dinner out with girlfriends and catching a movie. I also love a great wine bar like, Bin77.