This November we launched our in house give-back challenge, Sweet Baton Rouge Gives Back. Every month, we’regoing to challenge our customers to give back, and we create a brand new tee. If you take part in the challenge, you get the tee for free!

For our first give back challenge we chose Baton Rouge Food Bank. The way the challenge worked was if our customers stopped by the showroom with 4 or more canned goods, they got our awesome custom designed tee!

Did you know that more than 18% of people in Baton Rouge are food insecure? 18% of Baton Rouge doesn’t know where their next meal will come or whether a meal will come at all. Our November give-back challenge donated 239 pounds of food, which equals 199 meals. That’s amazing! We are so proud of our customers, and so excited to see what’s next!