Sweet Baton Rouge on the Geaux

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As a Baton Rouge Insider, I’m dropping in to encourage you with the amazing stories of a few of my favorite local brands. It’s inspiring to see how far some local dreamers have reached. I’m not talking about a local corporation that has hundreds of employees. I am talking about some hard-working, do it themselves, momma owned local businesses, who I had personally seen work their hearts out…even when it wasn’t easy. I personally know them and their hustle. They both understand that your dreams sometimes have a way of making you feel like they will never come to fruition, but do not be discouraged! So many ladies have been deeper than you are now, so use that knowledge to give you a positive attitude during this waiting period. Most dreams have a way of making us feel like they will never pick up and fly; it’s normal.

I have always been a texture kind of person. I had to touch and feel the texture of things. When I was little, I would rub my hands on the fabric of any clothing my mom would buy me, for approval. I fell in love with the Sweet Baton Rouge t-shirts the same way I used to pick clothes. I’ve touched A LOT of shirts, and theirs have to be one of the softest I have ever touched. 

Life has evolved. Now work, and my dreams take me away from home for weeks at a time, which is why Sweet Baton Rouge has become essential when packing.  

My three reasons why a Sweet Baton Rouge shirt is something I pack with me on a trip:

1. I can bring a little piece from home wherever I go.

2. The quality of the shirts means I know they will stand up to the wear and tear of international travel. 

3. They are my go-to travel garment because they are the softest shirts I own. 

Meredith, originally from north Louisiana, made Baton Rouge her home years ago and fell in love with how sweet it is. She wanted to share her Louisiana love and what better way than wearing it to share with everyone you meet! So that dream the Meredith embarked on eight years ago in our city of Baton Rouge, has not only made it across all the states she ships her shirts and subscription boxes (Lagniappe Box) to, but has also made it to the country of Honduras a few times and anywhere else works takes me for too long. 

My other must-have for travel is the natural skin care line, So Yaya. Rachel was inspired by her daughter Arya, nicknamed Yaya because she developed some skin issues during pregnancy. This momma took matters into her own hands, literally, to develop an all natural skincare line to help herself and others like her. She then named the company after her daughter, and she was off! Her line has expanded to different products, which she cooks up and mixes from her home office. I have combination skin and depending on the environment and the water wherever I go my skin reacts. This means it’s important for me to have a consistent skincare routine. I had the privilege of getting to meet Rachel at a brunch we had for Elohim + Nim, where she briefly talked about her skincare line.

I have never looked back, and since then So Yaya is part of my daily facial routine and my travel bag. Here are three So Yaya products that have to travel with me:

1. The Loopy Cleansing Balm

2. The Peppermint Lip Balm

3. Lemon(aid) Serum

These are must-haves for me and the fact that they are a local, all-natural, women-owned business feels fulfilling when I use them. Not only that but I love the flexibility of the products that the So Yaya carries. If my face is dry, I add a drop more of my Lemon(aid) Serum, and dryness is gone without messing with my oily T-zone. The dream Rachel began and created from her home office has made to Venice, Italy for my honeymoon and Honduras as I chase my own dream. 

Sometime dreams might seem like they are unattainable. I know these local businesses never thought that their products would reach so far. Take this as permission to dream big Baton Rouge Dreamer. Use the challenges thrown your way to fuel your fire.

Your newest Sweet Baton Rouge Insider, Nimia!