The Best Coffee Shops in Sweet Baton Rouge

Hannah here with Cold Coffee Hot Mess and your Insider for the day. I’m sharing with you The Best Coffee Shops in Sweet Baton Rouge!

Like any other city, there are quite a few big name coffee chains throughout Baton Rouge. But there are also some amazing small local shops that are definitely worth the visit. I’ve done the difficult task of visiting a few of them for you. It was a tough job, but I was willing to do it just to be able to share an honest review for you. Yeah, you’re welcome 😉


Lighthouse Coffee

Source: @tahjahharmony

This is a newer shop in town, and I absolutely love it! The space is so bright and inviting as soon as you walk in the doors. Lighthouse only chooses coffee roasters who source their beans through direct trade, which ensures that coffee farmers receive as much compensation as possible for their product and labor. They are also intentional about employing those who have been displaced in our city, so this is a coffee shop you can feel good about visiting! Now let’s talk about some of their delicious coffee drinks. They are pretty well known for their Cereal Latte: a latte made from milk steeped in cereal (last month it was Fruity Pebbles, this month Cinnamon Toast Crunch). So good, and totally instagram worthy.


Source: @lighthousecoffeebr

One of their other signature drinks that is perfect for summer is the Lemon Lavender Cold Brew. I know these flavors together might sound strange, but please trust me on this. It’s SO GOOD! Let me also recommend that you go ahead and order a side of toast with your drink as well. The Prosciutto Fig is my favorite, but the Avocado Toast is pretty legit too!

Another thing I love about Lighthouse: they have a small room you can use for events or meetings. They even host story time for kids and moms! I really love this community-minded shop, and I know it’s one I’ll visit over and over.

Rêve Coffee Lab

Also new to the Baton Rouge area, Rêve Coffee Lab is part of the long-awaited White Star Market. They serve specialty coffee that is roasted in Lafayette. Their beans are all sourced through direct or fair trade, providing fair wages to coffee farmers. Another thing that sets them apart is their Slayer espresso machine. They’re the only shop in town with this state of the art machine that has patented flavor profiling technology, allowing the baristas to always pull the perfect shot.

One of their popular specialty drinks is the Voodoo Elixir. It’s made from goat’s milk, cold brew coffee, and their voodoo concentrate made from honey and spices. It was delicious – absolutely perfect for when it’s hot outside but you still need that caffeine. In the mood for something hot? You have to try one of their cappuccinos! Perfectly smooth and creamy, complete with some gorgeous coffee art that I’ll never understand how to do.

 Rêve Coffee Lab

Rêve Coffee Lab

Source: Cold Coffee Hot Mess & Hubby

They are in the process of finalizing their summer menu that will have some delicious specialty drinks. They’re even doing a collaboration with The Big Squeezy! I got to try the Matcha Mama – made with The Big Squeezy’s Sweet Tart, coconut cream, and matcha. Incredibly refreshing! This would be perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up, especially if coffee isn’t really your thing. They also have a wide array of specialty teas, as well as locally sourced Kombucha. And if you don’t like or can’t have dairy, don’t worry. They make their own almond/cashew milk! They also have oat milk and local goat’s milk. There’s clearly something on the menu for everyone, and their baristas are super knowledgeable and will help find the perfect drink for you.

Rêve Coffee Lab

Brew Ha-Ha

Brew Haha Perkins

This shop has been a Baton Rouge staple for nearly 15 years, and with the addition of their famous cake balls 10 years ago, it’s one you definitely want to visit. Their menu is chock-full of delicious drinks. One of their most popular is their Vietnamese Coffee. Perfectly brewed coffee finished with sweetened condensed milk poured over ice…yes please! Another perfect-for-summer option is their Matcha Lemonade. Cold brew your thing?? They let theirs brew for 3 days to get the best possible flavor.

And we of course can’t forget the cake balls. One of their best sellers is the Star Crunch; yep, just like the Little Debbies we grew up on but 100 times better. They have new varieties and seasonal treats all the time. Paleo, gluten free, and vegan options are on their menu, so everyone is sure to find something!

Brew Ha Ha Cake Balls


Brew Ha-Ha also doubles as a gallery for local artists, and there is plenty of space to meet up with friends or colleagues.

These are my top three picks, but I can’t go without mentioning a few other favorites.

Magpie Cafe

Magpie Downtown

Source: Magpie Cafe

This popular craft coffee house has two locations – the original is near the Overpass and their new location is Downtown. I’ve gotten the best almond milk latte I’ve ever had there! They also serve pastries and have a limited seasonal food menu, from breakfast to dinner. They source locally and organically, which is a big plus! If you live in or are visiting Baton Rouge, this place is a must!

Highland Coffees

Highland Coffee

Source: Highland Coffee

Located at the historic North Gates of LSU, this coffee shop has been around since 1989. They offer coffee that is roasted in house, as well as specialty teas and delicious pastries. This is the perfect spot to meet friends, work, or study if you’re on campus. They also feature live musical performances!

French Truck Coffee

French Truck Coffee BR

Source: French Truck Coffee


New Orleans based French Truck Coffee serves small-batch, fresh-roasted coffee. I love the layout of this vibrant Mid-City shop. It’s worth the visit for delicious coffee and their instagram worthy bright yellow walls and truck!

These are all of my favorite spots for the perfect cup of coffee in Sweet Baton Rouge. Did I leave off your favorite? Let me know so I can be sure to visit soon! – Hannah!