Want to be a Sweet Baton Rouge® Insider?

Do you love exploring all that the Capital City has to offer? From things to do, new places to go, local restaurants to try, and more!?

Then we’re looking for you!! Beginning in October, we will be searching for more local Sweet Baton Rouge Insiders to join our community!

As a Sweet Baton Rouge Insider, you’ll get a gifted box of Sweet Baton Rouge apparel to help you represent Sweet Baton Rouge® in and around the Baton Rouge community.

Your Goal: To help spread the word

The best way to help spread the word is to help share about Sweet Baton Rouge and what we are building within our community through our Insider Blog, our fitness platform, Don’t Stop Just Geaux®, promoting our apparel brand, and of course wearing the tees! Helping by contributing content for the blog to taking our IG over for the day or being involved through our community events/projects! Your goal overall is to help share your love of Sweet Baton Rouge with others!

Think you’d be a great fit?! If so, click here to fill out our survey!