What We’re About

 You may be asking yourself what exactly is Sweet Baton Rouge Blog? This is a lifestyle blog based in “Sweet” Baton Rouge, Louisiana, written by our Sweet Baton Rouge Insiders, owner of the brand Sweet Baton Rouge, Meredith Waguespack and blog contributor made up of our local insiders.

We are the voices you’ll see throughout this blog. This is more than just another blog to add to your list. This is going to be a place of community and collaboration, where like-minded women join together to share their love of Baton Rouge (and each other along the way). Each month, local influencers will share about a wide array of topics, from their favorite places to eat, to the fun and inspiring things going on in Baton Rouge. You’ll hear stories about everything from fitness journeys to homemade king cakes, and everything in between in our categories Where to Eat, Don’t Stop Just Geaux®, What to Do, and Where to Go.

The heart behind Sweet Baton Rouge Insider is a space to bring Baton Rouge people in and around our wonderful city together as a community. It isn’t about one person or one voice, it’s about joining together to create a true melting pot of people, opinions, ideas, and visions. We are so excited about the road ahead and the opportunity to bring creative informative content to our readers! Make sure you follow @sweetbatonrouge to follow along on the many adventures with us!